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2019 Holiday Pack

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2019 Holiday Pack

Gift the ultimate basket of happiness with this holiday bundle! Featuring the best-selling Memebanz board game, 2019 expansion pack, and the all-new 2019 Holy Meme Bible Final Prophecy.

This year's features all-new activities such as dressing up your favorite area 51 alien baby, choosing the best financial decision for stonks, unscrambling vegetables for smudge the cat, and many more.

Excuse To See Friends Again

It's okay if you don't have friends to play this with. This is a great ice-breaker to make new friends. 

Act Out Your Favorite Memes

The only game that lets you act out your memes - use props, sounds, and more. Charades for memes.

Hottest Party Game of 2018

Play Memebanz with your friends at your next party. We bring the memes - you bring the drinks and friends!

New 2019

Expansion Pack 2019

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Expansion Pack 2019
Expansion Pack 2019 Expansion Pack 2019

The 2019 Memebanz Expansion Pack is jam-packed with the year's most iconic memes. This 25-card pack comes with memes such as woman yelling at a cat, yellow glasses guy, spell coconut with your waist, detective pikachu, bird box, and many more.

Get this expansion pack with your Memebanz to have endless fun with your friends and family!

Memes on Your Head

Every player secures a band to their head that shows a meme. Your partner will then tell you the category of your meme, turn the timer over, and act out the meme. You can ask your partner yes or no questions.

The Best Meme Cards

Act out your favorite memes with your friends. Our meme cards feature everything from the freshest memes to oldies but goodies. With 94 meme cards to choose from, you can play this game over and over.

You Are The Meme Lord

Memebanz has blank dry erase cards that lets you draw the meme of your choice. Each game comes with dry erase cards and markers. Secretly draw or write down the meme of your choice and put it back into the deck.

Charades + Memes = MemeBanz

"The most fun me and my friends have had since Cards Against Humanity"